SESSION 1 - Modelling & Measurements

Nico van der Kolk, CTO, Blue Wasp Marine, The Netherlands

Joost Schot, Project Manager, MARIN, The Netherlands

Effect of loading conditions on wind-assist performance

Laurens-Jan Lagendijk, Researcher, eConowind, The Netherlands

Big data analysis on VentiFoil wind

Maxime Garenaux, Project Manager, MARIN, The Netherlands

Prediction of full scale Flettner rotor performance on a ship

SESSION 2 - Initiatives & Pitches

Jelle Wisse, Specialist Ships, MARIN, The Netherlands

BlueRoute: simple wind statistics and wind assistance predictions

Gavin Allwright, Secretary, International WindShip Association, United Kingdom

Wind Propulsion Accelerator

Gavin Allwright, Secretary, International WindShip Association, United Kingdom

International WASP Working Group

Daniel Barcarolo and Rogier Eggers, Senior Engineer and Project Manager, ABS and MARIN, United States, The Netherlands

WiSP Joint Industry Project Summary & WiSP2 kick-off

SESSION 3 - Concept & Devices

Jarkko Väinämö, COO, Norsepower Oy Ltd., Finland

Tiltable flettner rotors and performance

Mikael Razola, Sofia Werner, & Jakob Kuttenkeuler, Wallenius Marine, SSPA & Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Concept development of a wind powered RoRo vessel

Eirik Bøckmann, CEO, Wavefoil, Norway

Wavefoil – Retractable bow foils for wave propulsion

SESSION 4 - Other

Jonathan Köhler, Senior Scientist, Fraunhofer ISI, Germany

Wind technologies in shipping to 2050 in the AHOY! study

Haris Zografakis, Solicitor, partner, Stephenson Harwood LLP, United Kingdom

Wind-assisted propulsion and shipping contracts under English law

Bertrand Charrier, Consultant in Sciences and Environmental policy, France

Sea trials to validate aerodynamic results from wind tunnel tests for high lift systems used for wind ship assisted propulsion

Michael B. Jones, Managing Partner, SubSeaSail, United States

Developing affordable, long-duration monohull observation and multihull cargo sailing vessels

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