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BlueWeek | May 31 - June 4, 2021

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Blue Forum Seminars

Natural Propulsion

The true success of energy transition requires a drastic step towards energy sobriety. Direct use of environmental forces, such as wind, sun or waves will guarantee true sustainability of our future shipping and transport activities.

Zero Emission

Zero emission power solutions are on the rise in all sectors and require new type of expertise and technologies. Sharing such expertise is key at this very moment of the transition, as we are all about to make important choices to create a sustainable future.

Renewable Ocean Energy ​

Renewable energy can be found in many ways across our oceans. True sustainable alternative energy carriers are at reach. Their production and storage can benefit from past experience in offshore activities. However, different approaches and  expertises are also needed to respect and possibly repair our environment.

Blue Life ​

Human activities at sea requires a drastic change in our relation to the ocean. From today we must guarantee the sustainability of our activities: fishing, farming, biomass production or life conservation and protection. Much is possible if we are successful in taking part in the symbiosis of this delicate eco-system.

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Zero JIP

Christian Veldhuis – MARIN

Joint Industry Project

WISP 2.0

Rogier Eggers – MARIN

Joint Industry Project

Offshore Maintenance Vessel

Erik - Jan de Ridder – MARIN

Joint Industry Project

The maritime industry will come together again in 2021, with the FPSO JIP Week and the BlueWeek set to be held between May 31-June 4. All activities will be live streamed to reach out to you wherever you are on our blue planet. The seminars and the Forum on Wednesday will be open to the public, (following registration), while JIP meetings will be open to members only. This online set-up will be complemented by an on-site option in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, if the possibility arises.


We need actions today if we are to build a strong foundation for the future. Taking decisions with long-term consequences and making choices in the short-term are not easy. So sharing experience and knowledge is the best possible way forward. By organising such an event, we want to help the maritime sector gain confidence, mitigate doubts, be inspired, innovative, dare to try, fail and try again, think, rethink, design and engineer operations with alternative sustainable solutions.


Please join us – virtually or in person – between May 31-June 4 to power the future with fresh ideas!

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May 31

Natural propulsion

June 1

Zero Emission

June 2

Blue-FPSO Forum

June 3

Ocean Energy & Blue Life

June 4

Joint Industry Projects & Joint Initiatives

Our people

Naturally inspired by the Oceans

Our team members have a strong technological background and work daily on projects, research and innovation for the maritime sector. Their involvement in the BlueWeek is motivated by a wish to share knowledge and create synergies between people seeking sustainable alternative solutions in the maritime sector. If you wish to contribute to our seminars, do not hesitate to contact them! If you want to host a BlueWeek, please take contact with the chairman of the Blue Forum.

Gaillarde_Collegas_Ma-Vrij_1920x433 pix-72 dpi_Jan2020

Guilhem Gaillarde

Chairman Blue Forum

“More than ever, collaboration is needed to realise a necessary and ambitious energy transition. Act to keep our planet blue.”

Eggers_Collegas_Ma-Vrij_1920x433 pix-72 dpi_Jan2020

Rogier Eggers

Chairman Natural Propulsion seminar

“Using natural resources and the environment to power ships.”

Veldhuis_Collegas_Ma-Vrij_1920x433 pix-72 dpi_Jan2020

Christian Veldhuis

Chairman Zero Emission seminar

“Solutions to reach the 2050 emission ambitions and beyond.”

Ridder_Collegas_Ma-Vrij_1920x433 pix-72 dpi_Jan2020_300dpi

Erik-Jan de Ridder

Chairman Ocean Energy seminar

“Let’s make the ocean our sustainable food and energy source.”

Spaargaren_Collegas_Ma-Vrij_1920x433 pix-72 dpi_Jan2020

Floor Spaargaren

Chairwoman Blue Life seminar

“Shaping the future of sustainable activities at sea.”

Naturally powered by MARIN

May 31 – Natural propulsion

12:30 hr Welcome by Rogier Eggers, Chairman


  • Bilge keels and the performance of ships with large wind-assist installations, Blue Wasp Marine
  • Effect of loading condition on wind-assist performance, MARIN
  • Big data analysis on wind assisted MV Ankie, eConowind
  • Prediction of full scale Flettner rotor performance on a ship, MARIN

  • Tiltable Flettner rotors and performance, Norsepower
  • Concept development of a wind powered RoRo vessel, Wallenius Marine, SSPA and Royal Institute of Technology
  • Wavefoil – Wavefoil – retractable bow foils for wave propulsion

  • Wind technologies in shipping to 2050 in the AHOY! Study, Fraunhofer ISI
  • Wind-assisted propulsion and shipping contracts under English law, Stephenson Harwood
  • WiSP Joint Industry Project Result Summary, MARIN


  • BlueRoute: Simple wind statistics and wind assistance predictions, MARIN
  • Wind Propulsion Accelerator, International Windship Association
  • International WASP Working Group, International Windship Association

17:00 hr Closing Day 1

June 1 - Zero Emission

12:30 hr Welcome

Christian Veldhuis, Chairman

Preliminary program

  • 23MW hydrogen PEM fuel cell powered Ferry, Mads Bentzen Billesø, DFDS
  • Zero emission shipping: a smart combination of modular techniques, Guus van der Bles, Conoship
  • Modular ship design: a ship owner perspective, Sam Gombra, Walter van Gruijthuijsen, ETA Shipping

  • HyMethShip – from idea to technology demonstration , Nicole Wermuth, LEC
  • Advancements in hydrogen fuel cells for shipping, Jogchum Bruinsma, Nedstack
  • ZERO JIP update: designing the engine rooms of the future, Christian Veldhuis, MARIN

  • Commercialising eMethanol for carbon neutral shipping, Claes Fredriksson, Liquid Wind
  • Hydrogen fuel supply for shipping and automotive, Kees Turnhout, Port of Den Helder
  • Alternative fuels in seaports, role of the port authority, Jan Egbertsen, Port of Amsterdam

  • Benefits of ZES; impact for society, Kare Pres Kristensen, DTU
  • Fuel infrastructure & future regulations, Jorrit Harmsen, TNO
  • Our Zero Emission Future, Madadh Maclean, Zestas

17:30 hr Closing Day 2

June 2 - Blue Forum & FPSO research Forum

12:30 hr Welcome

Guilhem Gaillarde, Chairman Blue Forum   /    Olaf Waals, Organiser FPSO Forum

  • Key note lectures: our energy transition to power the future
    Company leaders share their experience of changing course toward sustainable
    alternative energy


  • Make our Planet Blue Again from local to global initiatives
    Companies or authorities will present their projects and initiatives to power the future. The following themes will be covered: Carbon Capture and Sequestration, Sustainable Energy Carrier FPSO concept, Harbour sustainable role, local zero emission water transport, Netherlands Maritime Master Plan and The European Green Deal.


  • Fresh ideas to power innovation

           Innovations & JIP proposal pitches to power the future

17:00 hr Closing Day 3

June 3 - Ocean Energy & Blue Life

12:30 hr Welcome

Floor Spaargaren, Chairwoman Blue Life seminar

Erik-Jan de Ridder, Chairman Ocean Energy seminar

Preliminary program

  • Innovation programs in European context, Bob Meijer, TKI Wind op Zee

  • WTG lifting in challenging conditions by Tetrahedron, Wilco Stavenuiter, Tetrahedron
  • Maintenance
  • Floating, Sam Strivens, Carbon Trust Floating Wind JIP

  • Combating climate change via synergy of the world’s renewable energy, Polu Energy
  • Floating solar
  • Wave Energy (MEA), Marine Energy Alliance

  • Storage
  • Tidal JIP, Thomas Lloyd, MARIN
  • Polu Energy (Renewable energy production through fresh / salt water), Tate Castillo, Polu Energy

  • Large scale seaweed operation
  • Shelfish
  • Artificial reefs around the world, Jack Francis, Subcon

17:00 hr Closing Day 4

June 4 - Joint Industry Projects & Joint Initiatives

General assembly of the International Windship Association (members only)


Joint Industry Project meetings (members only)

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