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BlueWeek 2022 - 10th edition - Join us on board & online

BlueWeek | 13-17 June 2022 SS Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Blue Forum Seminars

Natural Propulsion

The true success of energy transition requires a drastic step towards energy sobriety. Direct use of environmental forces, such as wind, sun or waves will guarantee true sustainability of our future shipping and transport activities.

Zero Emission

Zero emission power solutions are on the rise in all sectors and require new type of expertise and technologies. Sharing such expertise is key at this very moment of the transition, as we are all about to make important choices to create a sustainable future.

Renewable Ocean Energy ​

Renewable energy can be found in many ways across our oceans. True sustainable alternative energy carriers are at reach. Their production and storage can benefit from past experience in offshore activities. However, different approaches and  expertises are also needed to respect and possibly repair our environment.

Blue Life ​

Human activities at sea requires a drastic change in our relation to the ocean. From today we must guarantee the sustainability of our activities: fishing, farming, biomass production or life conservation and protection. Much is possible if we are successful in taking part in the symbiosis of this delicate eco-system.

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Zero JIP

Christian Veldhuis – MARIN

Joint Industry Project

WISP 2.0

Rogier Eggers – MARIN

Joint Industry Project

Offshore Maintenance Vessel

Erik - Jan de Ridder – MARIN

Joint Industry Project

The maritime industry will come together again in 2021, with the FPSO JIP Week and the BlueWeek set to be held between May 31-June 4. All activities will be live streamed to reach out to you wherever you are on our blue planet. The seminars and the Forum on Wednesday will be open to the public, (following registration), while JIP meetings will be open to members only. 


We need actions today if we are to build a strong foundation for the future. Taking decisions with long-term consequences and making choices in the short-term are not easy. So sharing experience and knowledge is the best possible way forward. By organising such an event, we want to help the maritime sector gain confidence, mitigate doubts, be inspired, innovative, dare to try, fail and try again, think, rethink, design and engineer operations with alternative sustainable solutions.


Please join us – virtually or in person – between May 31-June 4 to power the future with fresh ideas!


A sustainable future for Oceans, Energy and Shipping

Dare to set ambitious goals, apply novel techniques to produce renewable ocean energy, rethink transport & shipping to reduce drastically energy use, set sails on all ships, develop and choose zero emission power technologies, protect and cherish the environment, while using all available past experience and knowledge from the Offshore sector: this is how we want to create, together, a sustainable future for Oceans, Energy and Shipping. Welcome onboard the BlueWeek 2022.

June 13

Natural propulsion Seminar

June 14

Zero Emission Seminar

June 15

Blue Forum

June 16

Ocean Energy Seminar

June 17

Blue Life Seminar & Multi-use workshop


Naturally inspired by the Oceans

Our team members have a strong technological background and work daily on projects, research and innovation for the maritime sector. Their involvement in the BlueWeek is motivated by a wish to share knowledge and create synergies between people seeking sustainable alternative solutions in the maritime sector. If you wish to contribute to our seminars, do not hesitate to contact them! If you want to host a BlueWeek, please contact the chairman of the Blue Forum.

Gaillarde_Collegas_Ma-Vrij_1920x433 pix-72 dpi_Jan2020

Guilhem Gaillarde

Chairman Blue Forum

“More than ever, collaboration is needed to realise a necessary and ambitious energy transition. Act to keep our planet blue.”

Eggers_Collegas_Ma-Vrij_1920x433 pix-72 dpi_Jan2020

Rogier Eggers

Chairman Natural Propulsion seminar

“Using natural resources and the environment to power ships.”

Veldhuis_Collegas_Ma-Vrij_1920x433 pix-72 dpi_Jan2020

Christian Veldhuis

Chairman Zero Emission seminar

“Solutions to reach the 2050 emission ambitions and beyond.”

Ridder_Collegas_Ma-Vrij_1920x433 pix-72 dpi_Jan2020_300dpi

Erik-Jan de Ridder

Chairman Ocean Energy seminar

“Let’s make the ocean our sustainable food and energy source.”

Spaargaren_Collegas_Ma-Vrij_1920x433 pix-72 dpi_Jan2020

Floor Spaargaren

Chairwoman Blue Life seminar

“Shaping the future of sustainable activities at sea.”

Naturally powered by MARIN

Natural Propulsion Seminar
Monday, 13 June 2022

Day chairman: Rogier Eggers

12.00 hr

Registration & Lunch

13.00 hr

Opening Blue Week 2022

Guilhem Gaillarde, Chairman Blue Forum

Rogier Eggers, Chairman Natural Propulsion Seminar

Gavin Allwright, Secretary International WindShip Assocation IWSA

13.10 hr

Session 1: Modelling

  • EEDI/EEXI: on the flip side of the IMO50% guidelines

    Franceco Stella, Computed Wing Sail, France

  • Effective wind modelling for performance predictions, including for EEDI/EEXI

    Joost Schot, Project Manager, MARIN, The Netherlands

  • Demonstrating the performance of wind propulsion technology on sea-going vessels

   Sofia Werner, Manager Strategic Research, SSPA, Sweden

  • Identifying the potential for energy efficiency gains in wind-hybrid propulsion systems

    Joshua Lacey, Assistant Professor, KU Leven, Germany

  • Q&A / panel discussion led by Gavin Allwright (International Windship Association)

14.45 hr

15.10 hr


Session 2: Project updates

  • OPTIWISE Horizon Europe research project

    Rogier Eggers, Project Manager, MARIN, The Netherlands

  • Material selectin considerations for WASP applications

    thomas James, Marine Business Development, Hexcel Corporation, USA

  • SeaKyte, by Yves Parlier

    Yves Parlier, CEO, Beyond the Sea, France

  • Neoliner pilot-project: a sailing entrepreneurship feedback

    Jean Zanuttini, President, Neoline, France

  • All Sail Set: fully wind powered retrofits for low-cost container service

    Miles Keeney-Ritchie, head of company, Aloft Shipping, UK

  • How solar power could help to accelerate the transition towards sustainable shipping

    Bo Salet, Founder & CEO, Wattlab, the Netherlands

  • SKYTUG: Primary wind propulsion for all ships

    James McGarley, Managing Director, Bluewater Engineering Limited, UK

16.20 hr

16.45 hr


Session 3: Ships & Propulsors

  • Wind Ship Assisted propulsion: no time to loose. Suction Sail part of the solution

    David Ferrer Desclaux, CTO, Bound4Blue, Spain

  • Advanced Wing Systems innovations in wind assisted ship propulsion

    Greg Johnston, Founder & CEO, Advanced Wing Systems, USA/Australia/Spain

  • Wind propulsion for Shipping: today's best ready-to-implement solution to reduce immediatly emissions

   Niels Joyeux, CEO & Co-founder, Zephyr & Borrée, France

  • Q&A / panel discussion led by Gavin Allwright (International Windship Association)

18.00 hr

Closure & drinks at the bow

Zero Emission Seminar
Tuesday, 14 June 2022

Day chairman: Christian Veldhuis

9.00 hr

Members only meetings:  please check the exact planning directly with your consortium or project leader.

  • International Windship Association members meeting

  • WASP Interreg project meeting

12.00 hr

Registration & Lunch

13.00 hr

Zero Emission Seminar

Christian Veldhuis, Chairman Zero Emission Seminar

13.10 hr

Session 1: Ships solutions

  • The futur of container ships: methanol en beyond

    Emiliano Austi, Director Fleet Technology Maersk, Denmark

  • Low carbon ship design

    Alexandre Bellot, Research Project Coordinator, LMG Marin, Norway/France

  • Q&A or panel discussion

14.10 hr

14.20 hr


Session 2: Storage Challenges

  • Sodium Borohydride: bringing a solide hydrogen carrier on board ships

    Hans te Siepe, Director, H2 Cicular Fuel BV, the Netherlands

  • Safety challenges when integrating clean fuels on board ships

    Willemien Verdonk, Senior Specialist, Lloyds Register, UK

  • Q&A or panel discussion

15.20 hr

15.50 hr


Session 3: Power solutions

  • ICE developments and challenges

    Kaj Portin, General Manager Sustainable Fuels & Decarbonisation, Wartsila, Finland 

  • H2 PEMFC developments, challenges and steps towards standardisation

    Jogchum Bruinsma, Application Manager Maritime, Nedstack, the Netherlands

  • Q&A or panel discussion

16.50 hr

17.00 hr


Session 4: Zero Emission Chain

  • The role of LCA in sustainable ship design

    Jelena Dolecek, Water Revolution Foundation, the Netherlands

  • Zero Emission shipping research: progress made and steps to take

    Christian Veldhuis, Senior Project Manager, MARIN, the Netherlands

  • Q&A or panel discussion

18.00 hr

Drinks at the bow

Joint initiative
Blue Forum & FPSO Research Forum
Wednesday, 15 June 2022

Day chairmen:
Guilhem Gaillarde & Olaf Waals

from 9.00 hr


10.00 hr

Opening Joint Blue Forum & FPSO Research Forum

Guilhem Gaillarde & Olaf Waals

Session 1: Renewable Energy Production & Storage

  • Trends in Floating Wind Market & Engineering

  Fons Huijs, Consultant Floating Wind, GustoMSC, the Netherlands

  • Scaling up Offshore Floating Solar Production

Don Hoogendoorn, CTO, SolarDuck, the Netherlands

  • Green FPSO: a floating solution for large storage capacity offshore

 Jaap de Wilde, Senior Project Manager, MARIN, the Netherlands

  • H2Sines-RDAM: First Green Hydrogen Export – Import corridor between Portugal and the Netherlands

Nils Grobet, Project Leader / Business Development, Engie, France

  • Gravity Storage System for Renewable Energy

  Robert Werner, General Manager, Heindl Energy, Germany

  • Q&A or panel discussion

12.00 hr

13.00 hr


Session 2: Sustainable Alternative Energy Carriers & Power: changes ahead in operations & logistics

  • Charging Offshore: e-Buoy concept

  Govert Wagenaar, Bluewater, the Netherlands

  • Terminals for new energies: developments aheads

  Philippe Lavagna, Product account Manager, Imodco / SBM Offshore Group, Monaco

  • Sustainable Alternative Power for Ships: environmental performance and financial considerations

  PROW Capital, the Netherlands

  • Wind: the ready-to-use sustainable power source for shipping

  Gavin Allwright, Secretary, International Wind Ship Association, UK

  • Q&A or panel discussion

14.40 hr

15.10 hr


Session 3: Local & Regional energy transition actions and strategies

  • SWIM hydrogen-electric propulsion: accelerating the energy transition in Rotterdam with an iconic water taxi

Maarten Fonteijn, Head of Thrust, Enviu, Jonas Brendelberger, Co-founder, Gijsbert van Marrewijk, Co-founder Flying Fish, the Netherlands

  • Engine Off, Shore power on: pluggin-in the world’s largest crane vessels to clean power from the shore

   Meike Kolthof , Sustainability Manager, Heerema, the Netherlands

  • Energy transition pathway in Balearic Islands

    Pep Malagrava Rigo, DG Energy & climate Change and Ferran Rosa Gaspar, Institut Balear de l’Energia, Spain

  • Achieving a complete renewable energy supply with indigenous resources in Hawaii: the ambitions, plans, current status and challenges

Richard Rocheleau, Director, Hawaii Natural Energy Institute, USA

  • Q&A or panel discussion

17.00 h


19.00 hr



Ocean Energy Seminar
Thursday, 16 June 2022

In collaboration with:
Mooring Integrity User Group (FPSO research Forum)

Day chairmen:
Arun Duggal (SOFEC) & Erik-Jan de Ridder

9.00 hr


9.30 hr

Mooring systems for Offshore Renewable Energy - morning sessions

Chairmen: Arun Dugal (SOFEC) & Erik-Jan de Ridder

Program is still in preparation with contributions covering experience of mooring systems gained in the Offshore Oil&Gas sector to be possibly applied for floating wind and solar as well as storage units.

New types of mooring lines will also be presented (synthetic in particular) that may match needs and requirements of lighter floating structures used in the renewable energy sector.

Speakers and presentations will be worth waiting!

12.00 hr

13.00 hr


Mooring systems for Offshore Renewable Energy - afternoon sessions

Continuation of presentations on mooring systems

17.00 hr

Drinks on the sundeck

Blue Life Seminar & Multi-use
Friday, 17 June 2022

Day Presenter: Sophie van Hoytema

Day Chairwoman: Floor Spaargaren

Energy, food and nature are all competing for space on the North Sea. How do we find the ideal balance between all  stakeholders involved? The North Sea is one the one hand already  an important source of energy and food, and on the other hand also our largest nature reserve. At the same time, we are getting increasingly more dependent on it by the day.

We are asking a lot from the North Sea and new plans to gain more from it are stacking up. That is why the Community of Practice North Sea (CoP North Sea), TKI Wind op Zee, and MARIN join forces to show a glimpse of a successful future of our dear North Sea. The challenge at hand: how can all the stakeholders together make the North Sea a balanced powerhouse?

9.00 hr

Registration & reception

9.30 hr

Opening & Welcome

Sophie van Hoytema, day presenter

Floor Spaargaren, Blue Life seminar chairwoman

9.40 hr

Plenary session

  • Keynote speaker


  • Table discussion


10.25 hr

10.45 hr

Short break and room change

Breakout sessions: round 1

  • 1A: A new business modelfor the North Sea


  • 1B: Floating solar at the North Sea


  • 1C: Energy or migration? The impact of wind farms on birds and bats


  • 1D: Maritime Spatial Planning of the North & Baltic Sea


12.00 hr

13.00 hr


Breakout sessions: round 2

  • 2A: Safety at sea


  • 2B: Get creative with seawwed


  • 2C: Green shipping - How can we build a wind farm emission-free


  • 2D: Installation with a nature-inclusive perspective


14.15 hr

14.30 hr

Break and room change

Breakout sessions: round 3

  • 3A: Nature-inclusive, maritime industrial areas - Who is responsible?


  • 3B: Tenders for new wind farms


  • 3C: Alternatives for renewable energy - room for wave and tidal energy?


  • 3D: Digital monitoring of ecosystems


15.45 hr

16.00 hr

Plenary closing - The new map of the North Sea

Drinks and closure -  End of the 2022 BlueWeek edition

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