Pep Malagrava Rigo, Director General of Energy and Climate Change, explains why the Government of Balearic Islands proposed to host the 2023 event:

“Balearic Islands want to be a lighthouse in the Mediterranean sea. We have been a reference for our experience in tourism but we want to go forward. Last years showed us we cannot rely on only one engine to boost our economy. That’s why we started to develop policies to be stronger.

Our area will be one of most affected on climate change, so we have to be the front guard of innovation in mitigation and adaptation. We already have been the first territory of southern Europe to build a green hydrogen plant, the first region in Spain having a climate change and energy transition law, we are moving fast on renewables and innovation in energy transition. And this is also referring to the sea, so we are surrounded by, and we hope to develop pilot projects on following years to keep being that lighthouse of the Mediterranean.

Those reasons and the fact on being islands make Balearic Islands the perfect location to host the BlueWeek 2023, a place to discuss and show to people from all over the world how technological solutions, innovation and willingness can combine the sea and sustainability.”