Teus van Beek, General manager market innovation, Wärtsilä
Sustainable use and opportunities for cities: Oceanic Awakening Initiative

Joost Sterenborg, Project Manager, MARIN
Space@Sea European Project

Gro de Saint Martin, Programme Director, Réseau de Transport d’Electricité
On the connection of marine energy

Tonio Sant, Associate professor, department of mechanical engineering, university of Malta
FLASC: Offshore Energy Storage

Pierre Duwiquet, Product Development Manager, Atlantique Engineering
An insight into floating substations


Jean-Marc Daniel, Director of the Physical resources and deep sea Ecosystems research department, IFREMER
Experimental method to qualify rotor-floater interaction

Bruno Geschier, Chief sales & marketing Officer, WindEurope
Floating Wind Taskforce

Bruno Geschier, Chief sales & marketing Officer, Ideol
Current offshore wind projects in France and Japan

Clemens van der Nat, Manager Strategic developments at Bluewater Energy Services, BlueWater
TLP based platform for Multi-use: Wind Energy and Fish Cages

Christine de Jouette, Marine Energies Project Director, EDF Energies Nouvelles
Floating Offshore Wind: project Provence Grand Large

Erik-Jan de Ridder, Project Manager, MARIN
Areas of research for offshore wind at MARIN

Jérôme Ribuot, Offshore Renewables Development Director, Saipem
AFLOWT Saipem Floating Wind solution Demonstrator


Yann Herve de Roeck, General director, France Energies Marines
Collaborative initiatives for marine renewable energy

Frabrice Jancart, Technology Develoment Manager, Naval Energies
OTEC developments

Jean-Christophe Gilloteaux, Researcher Marine & Ocean team, LHEEA Centrale Nantes
FARWIND: Wind energy Conversion in the far-offshore

Gregor Paterson-Jones, Founder, Paterson-Jones
Renewable energy investment


Kare Olav Krogenes, Managing Director, Viewpoint seaFarm
Next generation Offshore seafarming

Eelco Leemans, Advisor sustainable use of Oceans, North sea Energy Lab
Multi-use strategy and experience in the North Sea

Javier Abanades, Hydrodynamic Responsible of Offshore Renewable Projects, TYPSA
Towards green ports through the integration of renewable energies

Lucas Bertrand, Business Development Director France, ITM Power
How can Hydrogen participate to Ports decarbonization?

Carolina Navarro Correcher, Area Manager – Port City, Mobility and Cruises, Port of Valencia Fundacion
Environmental challenges of the Port-Maritime sector

Secil Torun, Team Leader ENGIE Lab Hydrogen, Engie
Role of Hydrogen in harbours



Christian Veldhuis, Research coordinator Sustainable Propulsion, MARIN
Research on biomimetic propulsion at MARIN (past and future plans)

Johannes Oeffner, Research Associate, Fraunhofer CML
Bio-inspired Air-lubrication technologies for ship hulls

William Megill, Professor Faculty of Technology and Bionics, Uni Rhein-waal
Explorations of low-power high-efficiency biomimetic propulsion systems in human-powered racing submarines

Ahmed Chemori, CNRS Researcher, LIRMM-CNRS/Univ. Montpellier
Towards Effective Underwater Inspection With a Fin-Actuated Biomimetic AUV

Julian K.A. Langowski, Postdoctoral researcher, Experimental Zoology Group, Wageningen University & Research
Safe grip in a wet environment: Biological solutions to a technical problem

Ievgen Mazurenko, CNRS Researcher, BIP/CNRS/Aix-Marseille University
Bioavailable enzymes as alternatives to platinum catalysts in low temperature fuel cells

Franck Sylvain, CEO, EEL-Energy
The biomimicry tidal device



Keynote: Yves Parlier, French Sailor & Director Beyond The Sea

Nico van der Kolk and Giovanni Bordogna, PhD. Candidate & Researcher, TU Delft
A comprehensive model for wind-assisted ships

Brian Boserup, Founder, Blue Technology
Wind will allow shipping to go zero emission

Jean Zanuttini & Vincent Seguin, CEO Neoline & Naval Architect Mauric, Neoline & Mauric
The sailing path towards a zero emission shipping

Nils Joyeux, CEO Zephir et Boree, Zephir et Boree
How to promote greener trade: Zephyr et Boree project

Joseph Baker, Mechanical Engineer, Anemoi Marine Technologies
Utilising Big Data and Regulations to drive the uptake of Flettner Rotors

Rémi Retho, Naval Architects, Airseas
Kite ship propulsion for ships

Jerome Vedrenne, R&D Engineer, CRAIN
On shore experimental testing of suction wing

Mathis Ruhl, Naval Architect, Mathis Ruhl – Architecture Navale
Wind Motion: make sailing great again

Mike Poole, Director AutoNaut Ltd, AutoNaut
Wave-propelled vessels, part of the zero carbon future


Louis-Noel Viviés & Marc van Pethegem (VPLP), Energy Observer
Energy Observer around the world with Oceanwings

Faig Abbasov, Shipping policy officer, Transport&Environment,
Roadmap to decarbonising European Shipping


Gavin Alwright, Secretary IWSA, International Windship Association: IWSA Hub development
Madadh MacLaine, CEO ZEM-Tech, Zero Emission Maritime Technology: Zero Emission Maritime overview
Michael Adams, President, Ocean Assets Institute: Investment in sustainable maritme industry
Moritz Krijgsman, MARIN: Zero emission propulsion train
Patrick Hooijmans / Rogier Eggers, MARIN: WiSP JIP – WInd assisted Ship Propulsion


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