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10.00 hr

Members only meetings:  please check the exact planning directly with your consortium or project leader.

  • WASP Interreg project meeting

12.00 hr

Registration & Lunch

13.00 hr

Opening Blue Week 2022

Guilhem Gaillarde, Chairman Blue Forum

Rogier Eggers, Chairman Natural Propulsion Seminar

Gavin Allwright, Secretary International WindShip Assocation IWSA

13.10 hr

Session 1: Modelling

  • EEDI/EEXI: on the flip side of the IMO50% guidelines

    Franceco Stella, Performance Engineer, Computed Wing Sail, France

  • Effective wind modelling for performance predictions, including for EEDI/EEXI

    Joost Schot, Project Manager, MARIN, The Netherlands

  • Demonstrating the performance of wind propulsion technology on sea-going vessels

   Sofia Werner, Manager Strategic Research, SSPA, Sweden

  • Identifying the potential for energy efficiency gains in wind-hybrid propulsion systems

    Joshua Lacey, Assistant Professor, KU Leuven, Belgium

  • Q&A / panel discussion led by Gavin Allwright (International Windship Association)

14.45 hr

15.10 hr


Session 2: Project updates

  • OPTIWISE Horizon Europe research project

    Rogier Eggers, Project Manager, MARIN, The Netherlands

  • Material selection considerations for WASP applications

    Thomas James, Marine Business Development, Hexcel Corporation, USA

  • SeaKite, by Yves Parlier

    Yves Parlier, CEO, Beyond the Sea, France

  • Neoliner pilot-project: a sailing entrepreneurship feedback

    Jean Zanuttini, President, Neoline, France

  • All Sail Set: fully wind powered retrofits for low-cost container service

    Miles Keeney-Ritchie, head of company, Aloft Shipping, UK

  • How solar power could help to accelerate the transition towards sustainable shipping

   Sarah Arntz, COO, Wattlab, the Netherlands

  • SKYTUG: Primary wind propulsion for all ships

    James McGarley, Managing Director, Bluewater Engineering Limited, UK

  • The potential of Wind-assistance on the CataMARIN

    Anton Kisjes, Project Manager, MARIN, The Netherlands

16.20 hr

16.45 hr


Session 3: Ships & Propulsors

  • Wind Ship Assisted propulsion: no time to loose. Suction Sail part of the solution

    David Ferrer Desclaux, CTO, Bound4Blue, Spain

  • Advanced Wing Systems innovations in wind assisted ship propulsion

    Greg Johnston, Founder & CEO, Advanced Wing Systems, USA/Australia/Spain

  • Wind propulsion for Shipping: today's best ready-to-implement solution to reduce immediately emissions

   Nils Joyeux, CEO & Co-founder, Zephyr & Borrée, France

  • Q&A / panel discussion led by Gavin Allwright (International Windship Association)

18.00 hr


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